Our commitments
To our employees

Working to ensure welfare at work

Altaïr’s primary mission is to ensure the safety and professional development of its employees. We strive to maintain our reputation as an elite employer and every year track our teams’ level of satisfaction via an internal company survey.

Our commitment is reflected in the care and attention we place on the safety of our employees, their skills development and their welfare at work. We have also instated and are committed to an inclusion policy.


Earn the GREAT PLACE TO WORK certification

Our commitment to ensuring welfare at work

As an employer, our mission is to support our employees and to offer them the best possible working environment to ensure they feel safe and comfortable, perform at their best level, and attract other talents who wish to join us. This spans from supplying comfortable offices and an attractive remuneration policy to providing time for social activities and societal initiatives for employees to take part in.

*The Happy Index at Work label was created by ChooseMyCompany® which ranks companies where employees declare to be happy at work.

For three years now we taken part in the ‘Happy Index at Work’ rankings and every year we ask our employees about how they feel at work.

Our commitment to young talent

Keen to further young people’s employability and education, we are expanding our traineeship offering whilst ensuring the quality of the educational support. Kindness, independence, attentiveness and empowerment are our guiding principals and our commitment to providing quality education to young people from all walks of life.

We have also played an active role in the Emergence d’Areli programme for a number of years. This programme enables young, talented students from modest
backgrounds to pursue the studies of their choice in further education (often long,
selective and expensive) on completing the French Baccalaureate at upper
secondary level. This enables them to build a future career that fulfils their potential and ambition.

Find out more:  The Emergence d’Areli programme

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Our commitment to gender equality

The gender equality index is a set of indicators that measures the gap between men and women in the workplace, particularly on the subject of pay. The most recent score we earned was 86/100*, which can be broken down as follows:

*reference period: 2023 – number of employees considered for the index calculation: 193

0 /40

Pay gap between men and women

0 /35

Pay gap increases between men and women

0 /15

Salary increases after returning from maternity leave

10 /10

Number of employees of the under-represented gender amongst the highest paid employees